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At L.I. TRADITIONAL TAE KWON DO CENTER, we realize the importance of teaching the martial arts to young children.

We have come to value and understand the importance of beginning one’s training at an earlier age. The strength of a child’s character is built upon the values of INTEGRITY and RESPECT. Starting with integrity as the foundation and adding self esteem, persistence, dedication and respect, we help build the kindAwesome Kids Programs of character the child needs to be successful in all aspects of their life at any age.

The results of our Martial Arts Programs are obvious - using positive reinforcement we reward all efforts accomplishments and in-turn your child develops:

  • Great self-confidence and higher self-esteem
  • Improved overall physical fitness, balance and coordination
  • Focus, concentration and increased attention span
  • Practical self-defense skills awareness
  • Appreciation for values as loyalty, dedication and respect



Here at L.I. TRADITIONAL TAE KWON DO CENTER, we teach the art of TAE KWON DO, which translated means the “art of hand and foot” originating from Korea. Tae Kwon Do incorporates a variety of self-defense techniques such as blocking, kicking, and punching. Our head instructor, SaBumNim Walter Vendura, a 7th Degree Black Belt

in Tae Kwon Do, has been teaching martial arts for over 35 years. SaBumNim Walter was inducted into the “World Karate Hall of Fame” in 1997 and named Tae Kwon Do Instructor of the Year. In 2009, SaBumNim Walter was inducted into the “U.S.A.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame” and named Tae Kwon Do Master of the Year. He has been featured in many local newspapers over the years citing his many accomplishments.


AGES 7-12

This program helps channel the child’s energy and enthusiasm into activities which promote fitness and social development.

Our main goal is to:

• Encourage each student to develop a sense of personal commitment

• Improve discipline which will, in turn, manifest in the child’s schoolwork, self-control, patience and compassion with others.

• We teach more than kicking and punching.

We teach life skills.

Students are taught the true way of the tradition of the Martial Arts and family values. We hold firm to the belief that the rank of Black Belt comes with create honor and responsibility. Therefore, the rank of Black Belt is reserved only for students who have earned it over the age of 12. Students under the age of 12 may earn the rank of Junior Black Belt.

We create a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT,which inspires learning and allows each student to reach their full potential and be the BEST THEY CAN BE!