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Here at L.I. Traditional Tae Kwon Do, a Martial Arts America School, it is our goal to give your child a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE while building self-esteem, confidence & focus through the MARTIAL ARTS. We also strive to improve your child’s individual needs that may include some of the following components/ concerns:

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Activities address areas such as balance, spatial awareness, motor planning & multitasking by breaking down the movements of martial arts techniques. We work on decreasing maladaptive behaviors while increasing functional, adaptive, socially appropriate behaviors. We will devise & implement specific goals/behavior plan for your child & record data at each class to reflect progress. It is our belief that one of the most important objectives is for your child to have FUN & TO FEEL GOOD about themselves & their accomplishments! We provide a safe,Special needs Pict1 structured environment with lots of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT & OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS! WE ARE CONFIDENT YOU WILL SEE THE BENEFITS ON & OFF THE MAT!!!

All Sessions are Taught by a Team of 2 Instructors comprised of a 7th DEGREE BLACKBELT in the art of TAE KWON DO with over 35 years teaching experience, inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and named Instructor of theYear. Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and named Tae Kwon Do Master of theYear & a CERTIFIED SPECIAL ED TEACHER,MS with ABA training & over 20 years experience with AUTISM & DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES

Special Needs Pict 3Teaching the martial arts for over 35 years has given me the opportunity to touch many lives. Over the years, we have taught many children with special needs. Opening our newest school in East Setauket in October of 2007, has given us the opportunity to continue to teach & work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders & their families.We currently have the privilege to work with children on the spectrum as young as 4 and as old as 16! This has proven to be a extremely positive & very rewarding experience. It has also brought to our attention, the need to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders. In efforts to do so, we host annual FUNDRAISING Events for AUTISMAWARENESS.

- SaBumNimWalter Vendura

Empowering Lives Through Martial Arts


“Justice absolutely loves Karate! The instructors are so patient, dedicated and encouraging. Justice has learned something with every half hour session. He can walk on a balance beam. He can climb up the rock wall at the playground. Things that you can actually see a difference in. At LI Traditional, they work on eye contact, communication skills, social skills, muscle tone, strength, motor skills, behavior management, self discipline, listening skills and following directions. (Not bad in a half hour and my son really enjoys it!) If you have a child with special needs ages 3 and up, I would definitely recommend this school.”

Eufrasia Rodriguez